RECEPTION  SITES –  Ceremony Venues

for very Special Events


We have carried out for you surveying aimed at the search of prestigious Locations:

**   external to the usual circuits trade for them who love the confidentiality and do not want  to ‘mix-up’…
**   unusual and outlandish for them who love originality and wish to distinguish themselves…
**   or fascinating in their out of time standing…
**   or, either…. most ‘private‘, where nobody has never celebrated a ceremony… for letting you to be able to say:  ‘I’ll marry you where nobody never has been married because you are the only and one.. like this place. ‘

Contact us – we’ll take you to bewitched Univers of these…  Places ‘of memory’  or  ‘Trendy’ Places…  whose fascination, elegance and exclusive features… will make up an ‘Unforgettable’ Event out of it…

Romantic, stunning Venues.. prestigious and unique.. often unknown to the great public…  You will have at your disposal the precious list of the Sites registered from our Agency… or, otherwise, you can use the ‘Venue-Research’ Service if you have any particular request..

A complete range of beautiful Wedding Venues from Palaces & Villas of the 15th to 18th century, medieval Castles, Luxury Hotels, Private Beaches, small charming Islands, Modern Lofts & Villas (equipped with luxury comforts), Museums, Yachts, Coventry, old Ships, old Flour Mills, Golf’s, Light-Houses, and much more… Monumental Water Views, tranquil outdoor Gardens, magnificent Grand Ballrooms, spectacular Mansion courtyards, stunning grand Lobby Entranceways, soaring floor-to-ceiling Windows providing dramatic, breathtaking views of rivers, lakes, sea, harbors, mountains or city skylines, marble Fireplaces, grandeur Staircases, sprawling Lawns, gorgeous Bedrooms, typical  ‘Masseria’ & Italian ‘Agritourism’ (Farm-Holidays)  & ‘Trulli’,  spectacular Sunsets.. and then.. all of the most beautiful  ‘Destination Wedding’ Sites & Resorts all around the world… ………….  they will provide the perfect backdrop, the perfect setting for yours once-in-a-lifetime experience..



In the same way if you don’t have the time to visit the Places the most adapt to your Reception or would prefer pre-select them before moving, Perlage Eventi proposes to you a Gallery of exclusive photos of the ‘recommended’ Venues..


… Exclusive Sites for couples with discriminating taste….



(The Reception can, obviously, have place in any other site of your choice..)
(Accommodation can be provided for you & your guests, on request)


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