Fabulous Packages have been prepared for Honeymooners  ‘just married’…. or ‘Married Couples’ who want to renew their wedding vows…. or simply celebrate their Wedding Anniversaries….  These Packages have been thought mostly for the ones who would like to go to a Second Honeymoon..  because they feel like their lasting love deserves it or because they were not been able to afford it when they were younger (first married) and they want to renew ‘solemnly’ their wedding vows with an extraordinary Travel and a unique experience…the 2 of them or together with their family..!  A special occasion, so, to be celebrated in a very ‘special’ way.. as a ‘Destination’ Travel or a ‘Travel to Italy’… Spectacular places and charming ambiances supported by impeccable coordination to treat yourself to a fabulous journey…        (see  also ‘Destination Wedding’)
(..”and with the support of the Test of Frigerio Viaggi Network: “What is the color of your Travel? “, the innovative and revolutionary Emotional Interview .. we’ll discover the perfect destination for your Wedding Abroad and the Perfect Honeymoon. This is a test by the colors and the many destinations in the world that will tell you about your current state of mind and will help you to discover the most suitable one for you to travel to…”)


A)   PACKAGE   ‘I STILL LOVE YOU’ travel, accommodation, Ceremony

B)   PACKAGE   ‘TOGETHER FOREVER’ travel, accommodation, Ceremony, 2 candles dinners
or a big Reception, a touristic one-day trip

C)  PACKAGE  ‘EVER LASTING’ ‘full-coordination’ package.. including everything: travel, accommodation, Ceremony,  2 candles dinners or a big Reception, various touristic, gourmet & shopping tours, sports, Opera/ Theatre, Flowers, Serenade, Beauty & SPA.. and a lot of ‘special’ gifts and romantic tours


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