CREATORS of Weddings Perlage Eventi takes you to an extraordinary Universe.. the Universe of…




West to East mix-up, innovation and Zen culture, minimal and chic atmospheres.. Perlage Eventi Weddings are mostly an elegant ADVENTURE of EMOTIONS & SHOW.. a different way to celebrate.
……..We are specialized in The ART of CELEBRATION…… we make your vision come to life……
We provide original, innovative, customized, old fashion or trendy Services.. no Event is too large or too small for us..  Family, Love, Money: they are all interlaced into the planning of a wedding… Through guidance, experience & savoir-faire  we’ll get into your private life and make you trust us  while building up the most cute and crazy dream of yours..  We are with you from the very first call through the final dance…  We approach every Event as a work of art, fine-tuning each detail until we create a true masterpiece, a fabulous celebration that captures your personality and sense of style and creates memories that you and your guests will treasure for years to come..






*   CLASSIC     simple, intimate & romantic
*   ELEGANT    the more perfect fusion of style & taste
*   CAPRICE     our most outlandish & extravagant option
*   TRENDY      fashion, innovation, design..
*   ROYAL        prestige, excellence & impeccable planning

… your day   … your way….
There are thousand ways to get married… but just one is yours!

…anything to fit your own needs… each moment of your wedding will be exclusively  ‘Yours’…
We are pride to say we are worth the money you spend because through a conscious guide, expertise, fine planning & wild creativity.. we are gonna make you save money in negotiations while creating the most unique, beautiful, stunning Event in your life… Specialized in  ‘Destination Weddings’  –  ‘Italy Weddings’  –  ‘Week-end’ – ‘Multi-Cultural’ – ‘Mansion’  and  ‘Tented’ Weddings… we pride ourselves on taking any of your Event to a high level and set it apart from the ordinary..
Perlage Eventi Team is also available for Weddings worldwide.. we’ll be glad to plan your own
Make us your favorite choice

Pricing is upon consultation…. but our first consultation is free, so, we invite you to join us for a cocktail to discuss your project together…


The Key Words of our inspiration….

· CREATION INSTINCT  that intimate impulse that gives form and life to your desires
· TASTE of ORIGINALITY & ELEGANCE  as inspiration guide line
· AESTHETIC & DESIGN  best described as Hollywood Glamour & East Side Sophistication interlaced to the purest European Elegance and Taste
· AVANTGARDE VISION ..because we want no borders to tight up the fantasy that would dress up your dreams
· EMOTIONS & PASSIONS …you dream …you wish …we realize!  Planning your wedding will be just as enjoyable as attending it. Whether huge or minimal, spectacular or intimate, casual, fashion, elegant or trendy we are gonna tailor your wedding on you to meet every whim of your private wishes and passions..
· IMPECCABLE ORGANIZATION   we’ll exceed every of your expectations with a first class personalized service, attention to detail & solutions for all kind of requests. Whether it’s 200 guests or the 2 of you,  your private Coordinator will ensure every detail is arranged to perfection to satisfy you and your guests
· STYLE & CREATIVITY   a pure and sought-after style, because every couple is unique..
· UNFORGETTABLE moment in time   let us help you to create it
· SENSATIONS TRIP  … colors symphonies, subtle ambiances, musical harmonies, fine fabrics, special decor textures, delicate fragrances, poetic ‘whirlwind’ of feelings and emotions… to throw you inside that magical dimension where a dream, a fairy-tale, become true..
· ENTHUSIASM   the right emotional state of mind to take, with dedication and passion, our job
· PROFESSIONAL  EFFICIENCY   It’s our style that first captures your attention but it’s our professionalism that defines your perfect day..
. Celebration  of  JOY  and ……… L O  V  E  …………

because Perlage Eventi Weddings are above all…  Weddings of CHARM..!






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